About us

Today, infertility treatment is a sub specialized and team process offers in clinics with technologically advanced facilities. Since the treatment is so time-consuming, it is suggested infertile couples refer to fertility clinics before losing effective time for fertility.

Avicenna Infertility Clinic (AIC) affiliated with Avicenna Research Institute (ARI) established with collaboration of ART medical center, UK-SH University, luebeck, in autumn 2003. Consisting of five clinics including Infertility Treatment Clinic, Recurrent Abortion Clinic, Replacement Therapies Clinic, Prenatalogy Clinic and Sexual Health Clinic recognizes as a unique center providing services to infertile couples and treat recurrent abortion and treatment failure in the country.


Unique capacities of AIC are

  • Being committed to national and international standards for human resources and clinical facilities
  • Cooperating with ART medical center, UK-SH University
  • Enjoying patient data management system
  • Operating all ART treatments
  • Gestational surrogacy
  • Fertility preservation (egg/sperm/ovarian tissue/testicular tissue cryopreservation)
  • Providing social and psychological support
  • Male and female diagnostic and therapeutic surgeries
  • Managing high risk pregnancy, diagnosing fetal abnormalities and PGD
  • Diagnosing and treating infections such as recurrent genital herpes, chickenpox, herpes zoster, cytomegalovirus (CMV) and Infectious mono nucleosis
  • Providing consultation on internal diseases, endocrinology, infectious diseases, sexual dysfunction, embryology, psychology, legal issues, recurrent abortion and reproductive immunology, sexual health, genetics and etc
  • Diagnosing and treating of STIs
  • Diagnosing and treating of sexual dysfunction
  • Specialized laboratories of Andrology, molecular and cellular genetics, medical diagnosis, immunology and flow cytometry and fetal autopsy
  • PGD, sex selection, PND, CVS and amniocentesis
  • Establishing DNA bank for infertile couples and patients suffering recurrent abortion
  • Radiology and fluoroscopy